Saturday, March 06, 2010


Right at this exact moment Jon is buying my flight to DISNEY WORLD. In case you glossed over the last word in that sentence, it’s WORLD. The glory of Disney World is hard to describe to people who have never been. You know Disneyland? Disneyland fits inside of Disney World with FIVE kingdoms left over. It’s sort of overwhelming, actually. In the best sort of way. Not to rub it in Jon’s face, who will be unable to attend :( My parents organized (and are subsidizing) this little family venture, but my dad’s break between semesters (at BYU-I, where he’s a professor) coincides with Jon’s week of finals. Of course I’m sad that he won’t be able to make it, but my excitement level is still around a 10. PLUS, thanks to a brilliant plan hatched between Corinne and me, we’re roadtripping down to Ft Lauderdale right afterwards for a couple more days of wonderful sunny family vacation time. Made possible by her friend’s generous beachfront condo-owning parents. This, combined with the fact that Jon’s brother Darcy has been accepted to the med school here and WE WILL HAVE FAMILY ON THE ISLAND, means that April cannot come fast enough.

That’s the news. OH - I cut myself on an egg yesterday – AN EGG! I was peeling them for egg salad sandwiches and all of a sudden there’s blood in our meal and the time it takes me to ever shell an egg again just tripled. Who knew they could be dangerous?? This is a real shame, because we have egg salad sandwiches for dinner at least once a week. I’d apologize to my husband for that, but he knew what I was when he married me.



  1. That will be so fun! We are going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks. We haven't been since we met each other, over 6 years ago!

  2. your parents told jake in the temple about the florida trip, and i was instantly jealous! i think i would need an entire month in orlando though, especially with the new harry potter land in universal studios. . .

  3. Wow, Darc and Jon in med school together, that'll be so fun for you guys to have them there! And Pearly will be the beach princess, hos fun! Congrats! Oh, and I love egg salad sandwiches. You can make them for me anytime...sans the blood!

  4. Ew. Eggs and I already have a rocky relationship. I'm afraid that would have been the end of the line for me. Only thing worse is getting a bloody egg. As in you crack the egg open and there's blood inside. I wouldn't sleep for a week.