Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Texting, Episode IV

My cell phone inbox is full again! Seems to be an ongoing battle. Unfortunately, this time around there wasn’t TONS of fodder, but that’s not exactly my fault now is it?

Prior episodes and further explanation can be found here, here, and here.


“Secretly liked the name Olive until I watched the FLDS Texas compound episode of Oprah and one of the girls was named Olive. Ruined it.”

“It was fun and we were all wearing sports bras.”

“I just realized that Oprah’s eyes are about a half-inch too far apart.”

“Just saw a guy walking around with a cat on his head.”

[during Obama’s first address to the nation]: “Maaan, we’re missing Fringe. Who talks for an HOUR? What is this? Conference?”

“I was in a public bathroom today and a lady was going pee next to me and it was LITERALLY like a fire hose.”


Two Oprah references, that’s a first. Anyone else have some good ones? No? Just kidding. I’d also like to publicly express my disgust at Twitter for absorbing my most recent updates. I could only remember one of them, which I recreated, but now the timestamps are all screwed up and it bugs me more than it should. I don’t want to talk about it.

We found out yesterday that Jon got accepted to our (okay, my) top pick for med school – huzzah!

That’s all for now.


  1. wow, I must check my blogs a lot. how am I first two times in a row? I want to know what the top pick for med school was! That's great. Also, too bad about the Olive thing. I think it's cute, and one of my mom's aunt's was aunt Olive. Indeed.

  2. Jonny told me yesterday, congrats! That'll be such a fun experience for ya. Are you considering schooling too? Or sitting by the ocean sipping out of coconuts? Too fun, seriously. Oh, and we'll probably be taking you up on that "come visit" thing you just said! Okay, probably not. Dang it, 2 more years of school for us!

  3. um, yeah, hope you don't mind my link to your blog. You are a hilarious genius and I wish we were friends.

  4. Heidi Klum has perfectly spaced eyes

  5. just saw another post below. err. CONGRATS again and again, sorry, about med school! and LOL and thanks. LMAO