Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 is on it's Way...

It's about a half an hour until midnight and I'm ringing in the New Year with my husband and our dog. I have a vision in my mind of just my husband and me, snuggling up to keep warm in our apartment (we haven't yet turned on the heat..) but I imagine that Penny will squeeze in between and lick Jon's face to death. Easy to imagine, because that's usually what happens. Once I'm done with this post I'll eat some homemade candy (thanks, Kelsey) and get the Martinelli's ready for the big moment.

We got back last night from Christmas in Salt Lake, which was crazy fun. My sisters and parents all conglomerated there for about 10 days. It was a total blast. Among the funny stupid things that happened, my sister Corinne sang the wrong words to Little Drummer Boy ("Come they told me, you hear what I hear?") and my own mother called me Jerry. ("Are you going to eat those raspberries, Jerry?"). Jon got me an ipod nano that I cannot wait to get started with. My whole family met Penny for the first time. It went pretty well, as you can see from the following video...

My mom's only rule is that if/when they get any grandbabies, The General is banned from using his Dog Voice with the kids. We all get a kick out of it, though. Corinne and my dad have both claimed Penny in the event that we die. My other sister Annie hasn't been convinced yet, though. She thinks all dogs are gross, even though her husband Steve had a perfect dog named Remy as a kid. Remy didn't even poo or pee or anything, and he never ever threw up or had bad breath. And he gave himself regular baths. Penny's pretty close, but she can't quite compare to a dog that paid his own room and board.

Anyway, Christmas was fun, and now we're just twenty minutes away from ... Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun Christmas in Utah! Very cute puppy too. Josh keeps bugging me to get a BULLDOG, OF ALL DOGS! I said when he graduates and buys me a house, to make sure it has a yard, then he can get his dog!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Jake Hansen was talking about getting a bulldog for a while..not sure if he ever mentioned it to Kels...but if they had a bulldog she'd probably try to throw it in the garbage every time it took a nap.

  3. I'm calling you Jerry from now on.