Friday, January 04, 2008


Well, it’s Friday. This week was really uneventful, but Jon has been home since before Christmas, so it’s been great to spend a couple of uninterrupted weeks with him. I can’t believe that it’s January again! I’ve officially been at my job now for a year and two days. Even more unbelievable is not only that it’s January, but it’s January, and still warm outside. I’ve got to admit that it’s nice to go to places like Edmonton and Salt Lake City for Christmas, then come home to 50 and 60 degree temperatures. Although it does cool down quite a bit at night, and we’ve had frost a couple of mornings. The road signs around here are classic…most cities have signs like “Road May Be Icy” or whatever, but in Tucson, the bridges (they don’t go over rivers mind you, just washes) display signs like “Ice Forms First on Bridges”. Not a warning or anything…just a lesson about ice, in general. We do get snow in the mountains, though, and last year it actually snowed in TUCSON, which was a huge event.

People here can’t even drive in the rain, let alone snow. It took me two hours to get to work that day, people were going off the road left and right and I swear, the road wasn’t even icy, just a little wet. Everyone was so excited about it (none of the 4 year olds we teach at church had ever seen snow before) but I’ve got to admit I was pretty mad. Half of the reason why we decided to move to Tucson was to get out of the snow for a while. And I consider myself lucky that I’m not acclimatized to the weather down here. Most people are wearing sweaters as soon as it dips below 75 degrees. And complaining of freezing to death if it ever hits 50 during the day.

SPEAKING OF FREEZING TO DEATH. So my sister has these great cats. Oh, they’re creepy, but totally rad. Before I met them for myself, I was a little scared, since my brother-in-law posted pictures like THIS on their phanfare account…

Anyway once you meet them you get over how weird they look. Anyway, since they live in Manhattan, whenever they leave for a trip, they sublet their apartment and charge people a daily fee to stay there while they’re gone. Such was the case when Corinne and Kyle came to Salt Lake for Christmas. On the third day there, Corinne related the following harrowing story. The night before, at 2 am, the sub letters called in a panic. They had OPENED the screen-less window for some fresh air, and by the time they remembered to close it, one of the cats had gone missing. They’re on the 8th floor of an old apartment building, mind you. They could hear it mewing for a little while, but when it stopped, they really freaked out. They checked the ground floor to see if it had fallen, and when it wasn’t there it became a race against time to find the cat before it froze to death. It’s got barely any fur. After calling to it with no response, they told my sister that the husband sub letter was preparing to SCALE THE LEDGE to find this poor little kitten. Anyway, my sister tells them DON’T YOU DARE go out on that ledge, let’s keep things in perspective here. But they didn’t listen to her and this guy clambers out the window and scales the ledge. And you know what, he found the poor thing curled up in a ball inside of a window enclave, scooped it up, and made his way back to the window. All’s well that ends well, I guess. Ew, I hate that saying, almost as much as I hate the saying “it is what it is”. Totally empty words, it doesn’t even mean anything.

I'm off to watch a movie with my husband now that he's done watching UFC. Tomorrow we're going to go see "Juno" again. You should do the same.


  1. Sub letters don't open a window in New York in the winter to get fresh air. These cowards do so to let the smoke out, which any smoker can tell you. Since Corrine and Kyle have a no smoking policy, these greezy characters had to open a window to let the smoke out.

  2. Jon--that's the exact conclusion we came to the second we smelled the offending smoke. They weren't mean people, just really really dumb. I don't know which is worse.

  3. Best end of this story quote from the half-retarded subletter,
    "On Christmas Day, after we had spent 3 hours looking for Yoko, and then dragging himself along the guttering to save her,my friend did smoke a few cigarettes in your apartment(it was a very stressful experience, as you might imagine!"

    Awesome. Thanks guys!!

  4. Priceless. I love the use of the word "dragging". I was imagining him going James Bond/Superspy, with his back and front alternately pressed against the building as he pivoted along. It's funnier to think of him on his stomach though.