Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecologists Presents....

...Vaginal Rejuvenation: You won't believe your eyes!

Ew. Jon is in Vegas this weekend which means I'm home by myself again, until Sunday. This is very off-topic, but I was cleaning out my Outlook inbox yesterday when I came across this little gem. This is an excerpt out of an email I sent to my sister, Corinne a couple of months ago.

"Jon and I were in the shower last night and I was washing my face, so my eyes were closed and I was scrubbing away. So then I cup my hands under the water for a split second to get a little more water on my face to make more of a lather. So now I'm lathering away, and I step into the water to rinse, and when I open my eyes and look at Jon, his mouth is hanging open a little and I can tell he's wrestling over whether or not he wants to tell me something. So I'm like..what? And he goes....."I was in the process of spitting right when you put your hands caught it in your hands, and before I could say anything you were scrubbing your face again." I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life. I wish I had it on video!!!"

I still snicker to myself every time I think about that. I love those stories, the ones that are something stupid and little, but seriously make your day each time you're reminded of them. Take for example my brother-in-law, Kyle. Like 5 years ago, he handed me a couple of CDs he had burned for me. One of them was the soundtrack to the Prince of Egypt that I had requested. So I'm flipping through the CDs and someone (maybe Corinne?) points out that instead of writing "Prince of Egypt", Kyle has instead written "Prince of Message". Apparently he was distracted when he was writing out the title. Anyway he grabbed a Sharpie, crossed out the 'Message' part and replaced it with 'Egypt'. Just mention "Prince of Message" to me or either of my sisters if you want to see us laugh. Really hard.

Here, you can clearly see where the word "Message" has been replaced. The lingering tail of the "g" is what gives it away. And would you believe it, this is the first time I've noticed that he spelled my name wrong. "Jesse" is a boy's name.

Anyway, enough rambling, now it's off to watch the finale of American's Next Top Model! Anyone but Jenah feel free to win...


  1. Really? Jenah is my favorite. She's the only one with half a brain.