Thursday, December 20, 2007

Je vais aller à Paris!

So it’s official – Jon is going to Paris in April for work and I’m coming with him! Hooray! I know it’s cliché but I’ve honestly waited my entire life to go. When I was in my fourth year of French in school, my parents began planning a trip there and I almost disowned them when they told me I was not invited. Kind of like when they went to Disneyworld (not land, mind you…WORLD) the beginning of my junior and left me behind. I’m pretty sure that’s not even allowed, leaving your kid out of your Disney plans. Anyway, Paris has been my number one place to travel for as long as I can remember, with Morocco being a very close second. Somehow I don’t see any work-related trips to Morocco in Jon’s near future, though. Anyway, so we’re going to Paris in the beginning of April.

Speaking of traveling, though, I’ve been packing this entire week for our trip to Utah. I’m so unbelievably excited to see everyone and eat at Café Rio. When I go on trips I usually just bring everything I own and choose outfits when I get to my destination, but this time we’ve got limited space (the Jeep is out of commission so we’re renting a sedan, plus we’ve got Penny with us this time – our first trip with our new dog! No one in my family has met her yet!)…so I’ve been forced to choose my outfits ahead of time, which is turning out to be pretty tricky. But today is my last day to pack because we’re leaving tomorrow after work! Jon’s hoping to drive the entire way, but we won’t get there until about 6 in the morning and that doesn’t sound fun to me. Jon’s a good driver and everything, but it still makes me nervous. I’m hoping to stop somewhere for the night, though I’m sure that if/when I fall asleep, he’ll try to make it to SLC before I wake up. And then he’ll be wasted the entire next day and we might as well have just stopped and slept for the night since he’ll sleep til three the day we get there, anyway.

But oh well, it’s his call. He’s the one driving, I get to sleep either way.

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  1. I'm pretty excited for you to go to Paris! I'm also pretty jealous! Oh well. My turn will come!