Friday, December 14, 2007

The List Queen

I make lists. Lots of lists. Something to do with not wanting too many thoughts in my head, and liking my own handwriting. If I'm thinking of something, I write it down, and then admire it for a couple of seconds. Whatever, everyone has weird things about them. Anyway, half the time my ideas actually don't even make it to a designated list - they just end up on scraps of paper that lie around the computer desk and coffee table. I don't know, again, it's just one of those weird things. Well, in high school I had a list entitled "Things That Make Me Happy" that I contributed to on a regular basis. I had totally forgotten about it until tonight...I was searching for another one ("The Man of My Dreams") to read off to my mom (so she could see how freaky it is that I ended up marrying Jon; he matches 99% of the items, and I wrote THAT one when I was like 15) when I came across the Happy List. So for everyone's viewing pleasure, a.k.a. Corinne, Jon, maybe Annie, maybe my mom........ Here are some excerpts from "Things That Make Me Happy".

Laughing so hard it hurts
Caramel Popcorn
Freshly Painted Toenails
Brand new markers
Conchos on chaps
Watermelon Jolly Ranchers
Waking up fully rested
Tan lines
Chips and Salsa
Pink sunsets
Vanilla milkshakes
The green Extra gum
Whole milk
Music Videos
Popping bubble wrap
Pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the Greek Isles
The first snowfall
Songs that remind me of me
The smell of gasoline
The "G" chord on the guitar; and last but definitely not least...
Breakfast for dinner

And on that note, I'm off to pour me some cereal. I don't think I've really eaten anything today, now that I think about it..

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