Thursday, January 03, 2013

Blog Stats 2012

(Last year's here.)

Total visits: 43,756
Unique visitors: 28,234
Page views: 82,846
Google Reader subscribers: 182 BUT! The subscription amount in Reader for my blog seems to have gotten stuck. The number used to fluctuate constantly, but it’s been the exact same since about August. So this likely isn’t accurate. Any thoughts on how to unstick it? I’ve searched and searched and I’m not the only one it's happened to, but no one has an explanation :\

Total number of posts: 84
Total number of comments: 975
Least number of comments on a post: 0, on this one.
Highest number of comments on a post: 456, on this one.
Average number of comments per post: 12 (This is what an outlier does to math, kids.)
Most viewed post: See "highest number of comments." Analytics says it has 18,865 views, but Blogger says 34,749?? Why such a gap? We'll go with the higher number on this one even though it'll skew all the rest of my stats, which came from Analytics.

Traffic overview:


Top countries:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Sweden
6. Germany
7. New Zealand
8. United Arab Emirates
9. India
10. Philippines

Top states:

1. Utah
2. Idaho
3. California
4. Arizona
5. Texas
6. Washington
7. New York
8. Virginia
9. Oregon
10. Pennsylvania

Top referring sites: (I combined mobile sites and web sites. For example, both Facebook and were in my top ten, so I counted them as one.)

1. Facebook
2. Pinterest
3. Blogger
5. Google
7. (private blog)
9. Reddit

Most viewed posts:

1. Names 2011!
2. Names 2010!
3. Names 2009!
4. Our Weekend...and a Note on Names
5. Names 2008!
6. That Word
7. My Poo Free Experiment
8. When Mutual Goes Wrong
9. About Me
10. The Good Old Days

Top keywords that led to my blog:

1. bloggity blog (295)
2. jessica jensen blog (221)
3. blog names (192)
4. poo free (151)
5. jessie jensen (124)
6. jessica jensen (100)
7. poo free hair (90)
8. blog names list (80)
9. (76)
10. shake face (48) --So proud this made it into the top ten!!

Best keywords that led to my blog: (These are in chronological order this year as opposed to alphabetical. It was a major chore to go through them ALL at the end of last year, so this time I wrote down the best at the end of each month.)

tayvian name meaning
2 inch nipples
a made up funny and horrible name for a person
creepy eye in background of photo (I don't know about a creepy eye, but how about a creepy GUY?)
drawing "first penis"
everyone gives me weird looks when i tell them i want to name my son zayden
eyes pointing in different directions
famous people named Paityn
flesh eating disease in a horse
how many people have the name cason in the whole world
how many people spell their name jeniffer
idaho designer baby names (oh man. Is THAT what they're calling it?)
kathy zader live together with bob burg and got pregnant (Is it any of your business what Kathy and Bob did?)
my poo
plastic penis for pens
should I name my son rowdy (You've come to the right place!! But the answer is no.)
ways to spell Hendrix baby name
what's up with my poo?
dr probe
the finger next to my toe always cramps
flesh eating bacteria patient enjoys sunshine
i had a crush on Commander Riker (ME TOO)
lds views on golden showers in marriage (Multiple. A reader named Jen predicted this outcome in the comments of this post. "Welcome, everyone!")
neckbeard bingo
should I name my son rowdy
weirdest thing on the internet
"sunshine in my soul today" -jesus
pronounce name chyloh
happy birthday cake images with name shard (So specific!)
what does not normal iguana poop look like
baby name kaislynn
that awkward moment when you see a haboob
giant gong
baby boy name xavery
baby names mormon pick by syllable
ferret sweater crochet pattern free (I can’t say anything, I made a dog sweater.)
uterus birthday
bloggity log


  1. Wow! I can't believe people search for that stuff. And I'm going to start calling the horrible names I see on Facebook "designer names." It'll make me feel better. Not.

  2. New York representing! Also--"I had a crush on commander Riker" "neckbeard bingo" and "uterus birthday". what the what?

  3. "I have THREE things to say..." 1) How is Nevada not in your top 10?!? 2) When I read the search about creepy eye/creepy guy, I was totally thinking of my picture but did not in any way think that's actually what you'd be referring to, and yet it was. Once again, your memory is crazy. 3) It took me several minutes to figure out what name chyloh was supposed to be.

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