Sunday, January 06, 2013

Utah Christmas: Part 2 (the end)

Me and Annie, headed to Dickey's BBQ

Jon's hand pretending to steal popcorn from the lady in front of us at Les Mis. We also saw Life of Pi and the Hobbit (all great, except for the actor in Life of Pi that played the author. AWFUL).

Annie feeding Joseph while Corinne, my mom, and Steve took their shift at Les Mis.

Huge herd of wild elk at the base of Mount Timpanogos at sunset.


Kneaders! We went twice.

Lunch at Whole Foods in Park City after the Outlets.

Jon's version of playing dolls is saying, "I like your dress! I like your lipstick!" over and over in a high pitched voice. 

Jon's sister Kelsey gave birth in Pocatello while we were in Heber! What are the odds?? Especially since her previous daughter was born in Rexburg when we were home from the island on break, so we've been there for 2 out of 3. Crazy (and awesome). She cut it close though - this baby was born the day before we had to leave to come home, so we barely squeezed a trip up. Phew. 

Kelsey is asking Jon, "Wanna hold her?" in the above picture.

Hazel Ruth


Snowy day

We met the fam in SLC on our way back from Pocatello for Cheesecake Factory and TEMPLE LIGHTS!! Christmas isn't Christmas without a trip to Temple Square.

Annie and Steve in front of the beautiful reflecting pool nativity and floating lights.

I need one of those. (Snowsuit. And the baby too, I guess.) He was clearly warmer than all of us put together.

Corinne took this picture.

This, too.

Corinne and Kyle left the next morning, but not before squeezing in a round of the Dance Family Fun game after the temple lights. I haven't laughed so hard in years. Annie was the lucky one that pulled out "dingleberry" for the charades round. (Also, "Jon's pants fell down.")

I wish this showed up better :( It was snowing PERFECT LITTLE SNOWFLAKES. Like cartoon snowflakes.

All ready to head to Annie's frigid basement to watch Brave! Does posting this picture make me a modest fashion blogger??

Annie wearing the hat I made her!

The end. The rest of the pictures are from our trip home.

Sooooooo cold. The roads were great both ways, though.

It was 2 degrees at this truck stop in Scipio, UT. Yes, that is a zebra. Pretty sure zebras aren't designed to live in 2 degree weather.


  1. I so agree with you re: the actor playing the author in Life of Pi. So bad! What was his deal?

  2. Also--why wasn't I invited to Kneaders? (twice!).

  3. You all look so happy and lovely! My heart pangs a little wishing I'd been there, and also wishing I could have gone to the movies over know.

  4. I don't even look completely awkward feeding Joseph! There's hope!