Monday, June 06, 2011

Tucson :)

I love Tucson, and I am not ashamed. Call it whatever you want - America's b-hole, where dreams go to die, whatever. Doesn't hurt my feelings. It's a great city, so long as you stick to the good parts. As soon as I knew that I was for sure going to be meeting Jon there, I was little-kid-excited. Since we only had a day and a half to spend, I planned out each hour weeks in advance. Spoiler alert - it all revolved around food.

First stop: Frost Gelato.

This is the best gelato on earth. No, I have not eaten at every gelato place on earth, but I don't have to. This is the best. Just look at it.

My usual - half coconut, half strawberry yogurt.

I was really happy to be there, okay??

Next stop, BK's for Sonoran hotdogs. I've discussed these before on my blog to a credulous audience. Believe me when I say they will change your life. (I had never even heard of them before moving to Tucson, but I've not surprisingly seen them cropping up all over the place since. They could be a new food trend. Keep your eyes peeled, and your heart open.)

I meant to take a picture when the food first arrived, but then I was too busy gorging myself. It was hard to pause even for this shot partway through.

More miscellaneous Tucson pictures:

Reunited! Jon was sooo tired from his review course, poor guy. And why yes, that IS a covered wagon behind us. This was taken after dinner at Pinnacle Peak, a tacky restaurant in this Wild West town replica built as a movie set. We go for the filet mignon. Best steak ever.

Slap bracelet! Instant flashback to roller rinks circa 1990.

I thought this was awesome (though, admittedly, not awesome enough to actually purchase).

Dr. Seuss-ish plant (taken at the fancy mall, where we may or may not have stopped on our way out of town for another helping of gelato).

That's one big apple fritter. This was another necessary stop - Wheel Donuts. Best donuts on earth, in Tucson, AZ. Who would have ever thought?? At my old job as an office assistant at an engineering firm, my decision of which company to use for our blueprinting was directly correlated to who most frequently brought me these donuts. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Speaking of! Mixed in here somewhere was a visit to my old office and lunch with (most of) my favorite coworkers. I love love loved that office and still sometimes have dreams that we moved to Tucson and I miraculously got my old job back. Nerd! Anyway, it was so much fun to see everyone. Even the ones I didn't miss.

Over too soon :( Some pictures from our long drive back:

Last thing. Our final gas stop (in Tremonton, Utah, not like you asked), I noticed something stuck to Jon's back:

A giant fly. And the best part is, it wasn't dead, or even hurt. Its wings were just stuck. I brushed it off and it flew away.

It's over!


  1. that gelato looks amazing. even the hot dog looks swell. i also hope you end up in arizona, at least through jan-april of next year! lol.

  2. I can't believe how big that fly is.

  3. It's nice to see a good side of Tucson. You must have lived in a totally different area than we did because aside from BK I haven't heard of any of these places.

  4. I picked up those same mustaches in a store in china town over the weekend!!!I carried them around with me to show to every member of the family until I realized I was being watched/followed by 3 of the stores 4 employees making sure I didn't steal them. Anyway, good taste.