Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Miscellany

Summary: When I was in Utah last week I went rafting on the Provo River, and later there was a rainbow, and then yesterday Jon and I went shooting, and then I tried a new hairstyle and IT WORKED.


We "successfully negotiated" that bridge in the background, but another group wasn't so lucky. When we got there, a raft was wrapped around one of the pillars under the current and there were five sopping wet teens standing in the cold wind, shivering uncontrollably while their rafting guides fretted about the boat. Steve (Annie's husband, a certified river guide) was so mad. And the moral of the story is always raft the Provo River with Midway Adventure Company - no one else. Also, we gave the girls our dry sweaters to wear while we ate lunch and when mine was returned it smelled really weird. That's the last time I save a life!!!!


Photo by Steve, edit by me


I forgot my tape!!! For my eye!! I can't wink my left eye so when I go shooting I always bring Scotch tape to do the job. The photo above is when I got the following brilliant idea:

Oh! Saddest thing EVER! I MURDERED A BIRD!! When I took a turn with Jon's 2-ton 12 gauge (that I can barely hold let alone aim and shoot), I hit the clay target and an innocent passer-by with one incomprehensible shot. I felt horrible.


From the side. Here's where I got the wherewithal. It's meant for weddings I suppose, but I thought it could be pretty for church, too. This was only my SECOND attempt - not perfect, but I was still amazed at how fast and easy it was. Looking at the directions I thought there was no way it would turn out how it said it would.

The front

The back. A couple of loose ends, but whatever. SECOND TRY.

Thoughts? Too fancy? Too Downton Abbey-ey? Naysayers are welcomed but will probably not stop this train. I've been searching for months for something different to do with my hair and this could be it.



  1. Wow. You've had quite the week. I love the hair. I don't think it's too "fancy". Especially when done a little bit messy.

  2. It's so elegant! I suck at doing hair, especially my own. The only think I can do is braid it (and not in cute french braids, just plain braids), straighten it, and put it in hot rollers. :/

  3. I can't believe you killed a bird. Also, I expect to see your hair like this every time I see you, from now on.

  4. The odds of killing both a real and clay pigeon with one shot have got to be something like somebody making a joke about an individual that was kidnapped, and the joke recipient actually being related to said kidnapped person.

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  6. What are you saying about my post titles?? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY POST TITLES.

  7. ha ha well i think you have lovely post titles.

    also i love the hair! and i think this one would look smashing on you as well!

  8. I tried out this updo this morning. After three attempts I got it up with four bobby pins in 30 seconds. Doesn't look as pretty as yours from the front, but it's off my neck and better than my usual method (of a knot-like pony...). So glad you posted those pics, I've been wanting to try updos for ages but always assumed they'd be too tedious!

    Also, there's nothing wrong with looking like you popped out of Downton Abbey. Awesome show, phenomenal costumes and hairstyles. You look amazing!

  9. I could never pull that hair off, but you definitely can. It looks great on you. Long hair on me always results in a messy bun. Boring!

    That was a pretty sweet tutorial on post titles. . . maybe I'll pick up a copy of that program. Oh wait, nobody can Google my posts. Ah, well.

    Jealous of the rafting. I haven't been in years, but I love it.