Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And now we wait

When I left for Utah last week, I certainly had no idea that Jon would be taking the most important exam of his entire life in my absence. A very long story short, he had planned to take his test around the 28th of June, but because some lazy lump decided not to post an envelope, his options for test dates were very limited. So when a day finally opened in Helena for Wednesday, as in yesterday, he pounced on it even though it was a week earlier than he'd planned on taking the exam. We won't know how he did for six weeks, and in the meantime he's doing his best to relax and block out all thoughts of herpes, tumors with teeth, and which pathogens cause 'ricewater stool'.

Though he couldn't resist sharing with me one of the most horrifying questions. I can just imagine his eyes bugging out of his head when he first read it there in the testing center. Something about an elderly woman who couldn't poo unless she placed two fingers in her hoo-ha. In the retelling, Jon screamed, "What the hell kind of question is THAT??? We weren't taught that!!! Geez!!!!!!"


  1. It's cholera, right??? Ricewater stool, I mean.

    Waiting for test results is no fun. I hope the time goes really fast for you both.

  2. Man! We'll never know if he got that question right...

  3. the question about the poo ... probably is hirschprung's, had a similar question in a Qbank