Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Another One's Gone...

It came as a huge shock to me when I realized that we leave for Paris in about two weeks. Two weeks and two days. We’ve had this trip planned for months, and it always seemed to be so far in the future…but it snuck up on me! I’m worried now that I haven’t put enough thought into it. I started lists about two months ago, and then forgot about them. One list is called “Don’t Forget!” (not like I wrote down ‘socks’ or ‘shirts’ or anything. Just the things that would really, really screw up our trip if we forgot them. Like ‘camera’, ‘travel pillows’, ‘contacts’, and ‘umbrella’.) and the other list is called “Things To Do”. Right now, that list is pretty boring. But I figure that I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, and we’ll be there for nine days, so we might as well do EVERYTHING – all the touristy stuff – and that way I never have to go back to Paris again. Unless I really want to. But it seems like there’s so much other stuff to do in Europe, why do the same thing twice? So I just have to get Paris out of my system. And I plan to do that by seeing and experiencing everything I possibly can. I plan on walking up the Eiffel Tower (despite a fateful day at a North Carolina lighthouse, and even though apparently you can’t go all the way up unless you take the elevator). I plan on spending a day in the Louvre, seeing Versailles, walking towards the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees, going to a food market, blah blah blah. And during the next two weeks, I’ll be reading as much as I can about French history and monuments as I can, so that I actually understand what I’m seeing when I see it. And that’s about all I have to say about that.

Last week, my office was rocked by the news that Jesus is quitting, and his two week’s notice was followed closely by my friend Angel’s. We’re dropping like flies around here. My office is seriously completely different from how it was when I was hired. There were 19 people, including me, when I first began, and now there are 23, only 10 of whom were on the original list. Including me.

Other than all that stuff, there’s really no news. Jon is in Lewiston, Idaho for the next couple of days. He hasn’t been traveling as much since January, which has been nice. Back in September/October/November/first-half of December last year, he was home, on average, about ten days a month. This trip to Idaho is the end of a two-week break from traveling for him, so it’s been nice to have him home.

So, I know that this is a really random post, but here’s another change of subject. I just experienced one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth…a Sonoran hot dog. Think of a wiener wrapped in bacon then fried, placed in a delicious canoe-style bun, topped with pinto beans, tomatoes, grilled onions, mayo, and mustard. It was amazing.

(I’m sure people from Sonora, Mexico are pretty confused when they see an American hot dog for the first time.)

Anyway, Jon gets back Friday, so after I force him to eat one of those things, we’re going to dye Easter eggs, get some work done on the Mazda so we can have our registration renewed (Arizona requires emissions testing each year and we FAILED!), and finish our taxes. Should be pretty uneventful…


  1. yeah. gross. i can't believe you put that in your mouth! and i'm even craving hot dogs lately...

  2. Um, not to completely gross u out, but that green stuff on top comes a little too close to what i see everytime nolan needs a diaper change.

  3. Kyle doesn't like it because it doesn't come in a box. I think it looks yummy!