Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and then the baby looked at me.

Snorkel date! Jon and I took our gear to the beach (or should I say ‘to the rocks’) on Tuesday after his classes.

Silly ray! You can't hide from me!

And YOU aren't even trying. Dummy.

Sand dollar - too far down to dive for it :(

See the flounder?

NOW can you see it??

Okay best snorkel event ever! This entire next paragraph is going to sound like I’m just making stuff up as I go, but I promise it actually happened:

On our way back to the beach, we spotted a sharptail eel poking around the same partially-buried ray from before. Then there was a skirmish and THE RAY ATE THE EEL. And THEN it spat it out! AND THEN a big fish swam past and the EEL (understandably pissed off) struck at the fish like a cobra!!

Here’s the eel. This photo was taken after the commotion. In hindsight we should have been videoing the whole thing.

One last story, unrelated to snorkeling. Two days ago I flagged down a local guy and asked for a ride – there was a scary-looking pit bull on the road ahead and I don’t take my chances with dogs ever since Jon got bit. Anyway, he cleared me a spot on the front seat and as I climbed in I noticed a feathered wing on the floor coming from under the seat, and the cab was filled with the unmistakable odor of dead bird. I know all about dead bird smell – my dad’s a hunter. Anyway, that was my adventure for the day. I saw him the next morning, too, mowing grass on the side of the road, and when I said hello he replied, “You didn’t meet any dogs today?” then busted up laughing, grinning a jagged-toothed grin, so pleased with himself.

Oh, one more thing. After (too) much thought, I decided to enter the picture of the killy killy bird in the photo contest. I had it narrowed down to the picture of Jon jumping at Zeelandia, the sunset at the pier, the bird, and the fisherman. Then I decided that locals probably wouldn't respond well to a picture of someone playing in the water at Zeelandia (strong undertow keeps most people away). Then I realized I wanted to enter a picture with lots of color, so that eliminated the sunset at the pier. Then I had a REALLY hard time deciding between the last two, but finally picked the kestrel because it was taken with my nicer camera and was a better quality photo. I had a hard time pulling the trigger, though, because it only got a couple of votes in the poll.



  1. I really liked the killy killy bird photo too. It would have been my second pick after the one of Jon jumping. Good luck!

  2. Best Ralph quote ever. Also, I voted for the first pic. Amazing.

  3. I got smashed on the rocks whilst attempting a graceful exit from the sea. It wasn't pretty.