Saturday, October 16, 2010

She's going pro.

I borrowed these pictures from Lianna...she took them all except the first one (duh). They span the past five months and successfully sum up our time together so far.

Thanks for letting me post them!

Fun at Whitewall

(She won.)

Making 'sandballs'

Editing by me. Turns out I've had Photoshop Elements this whole time and haven't been using it. UNTIL NOW. So that's my eye at the beach. You can see the ocean and sky in the reflection. See? See??

Pearl's 2nd Birthday Beach Bash.

Dancing the way to Ocean View Terrace (if this was a video you could hear the steel drum band. But it isn't).

Me snorkeling

Sand massage

Maybe my favorite picture EVER

Second to this one


  1. These are lovely. I knew Lianna would be good company for you, but perhaps little Pearl is an even better buddy! Darling child.

  2. That first picture is amazing.

  3. Omg. Pearl was sooo tiny!
    Love those pics & memories!!!