Monday, April 12, 2010

bad dog

I leave tomorrow for Disney World! I’m not planning on doing any posting while there, except for maybe to my Twitter feed. I was hoping to get the Madison Memorial Hospital baby names newspaper insert before I left but that didn’t happen, so it’ll have to wait until I get back. Don’t miss me too much. Put your energy into wishing Jon good luck. He’ll need it for his final exams as well as for healing SINCE HE GOT BITTEN BY A DOG yesterday. Damn thing ran out and grabbed him when we were visiting a property for rent. It’s okay, mom, you’re allowed to swear when your husband GETS BITTEN BY A DOG. And it got him on the skin graft, no less. He was involved in a grain auger accident as a teenager and has this hideous scar where the front of his leg was pulled off then patched up. The skin there is thinner than normal – stretched right across the muscle – and of course that’s where the stupid mutt got him. When he showed the owner (who is also the landlady of the property) what the dog had done, she stared so hard at his scar I thought she was going to pass out. I had to step in and explain that the dog hadn’t done ALL the damage, just the fresh bloody part. And she didn't even apologize! But she DID give us a ride home, so.....that's something, I guess :/ Anyway, we won’t be moving into THAT place.


A couple of puncture wounds and a tear, but since they’re in the skin graft it's sort of a big deal. Gahhh. Hopefully it heals up fine with no complications. The good news is there’s no rabies on the island so if Jon starts foaming at the mouth, it’s for something unrelated to the dog bite.

I'm so sorry this is the image I'm leaving you with for the next nine days.


  1. I totally would have let her believe that her dog did the grain auger too. Maybe at least then you would have gotten an apology.

  2. Just what JOn needs on that scar. I remember that accident all too well. Yer lucky you didn't have to see it as a fresh wound Jessie, it was pretty nasty! Have fun in the happiest place on earth!