Friday, October 29, 2010

Mysterious and spooky

Here's the obligatory Halloween-inspired post. I don't handle the supernatural well. Some people tend to have more paranormal experiences than others and thank goodness I'm not one of them. If anything truly, truly creepy ever happened to me personally, I'd just lose my mind. Like I'd spend the rest of my life in the fetal position with my fingers in my ears if I ever saw an apparition. I'm not saying I believe in ghosts...okay yes I am saying that. And I once quit a high school job at a diner because the building was haunted.

The worst I ever personally experienced were lights inexplicably turning on and off and a hair-raising sensation of being watched those on awful nights when I had to stay late to close up. Others swore they regularly heard the bins of dishes being shaken in the back room when there was no one else in the building. One day a customer even asked how we were dealing with "the ghost" - she had been a waitress there many years before, back when it was "Heidi's" instead of "B'Sghettis" (worst name ever!! No wonder that ghost hated us!) But the final straw for me was when Lianna and our boss were sitting at the take-out counter when suddenly the swinging kitchen door directly next to them flew open as though it had been kicked in from the other side. It hit the wall, rebounded, then eventually swung to a stop. No big deal, just someone playing a trick on them right? WRONG. They had been closing out the cash register - a task completed only once the building had been cleared out and locked. CHILLS! I quit the next day.

And a more recent scary story. This just happened. Jon and I were watching TV at night when we spotted a HUGE black spider up on our ceiling, out of reach. Nothing that a squirt of Bop to the face couldn't have handled, but no. Jon wanted to slingshot it to death with frozen marshmallows. I would have nothing to do with large falling spiders so I retreated to the bedroom. But by the time Jon had returned from the freezer with his ammunition, the SPIDER WAS GONE. And he never located it. I haven't slept since.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I'm a scaredy cat, too. I was hoping this article would help you but no, it looks like maybe that place was actually haunted. Sorry.

  2. I didn't know that Heidi's is haunted! It makes sense to me actually now that I consider the dismal breakfasts I passed there once upon a time. Sara and I had a paranormal encounter at the Ormsby House in Carson. There was actually a time when it wasn't under construction and the steak house was running. We went there with my mom after a General YW broadcast. Sara and I did some exploring and I SWEAR we shared the elevator with something not of this world. Shortly afterwords, the hotel changed management and it has been changing management and closed ever since...

  3. P.S.
    I killed said spider last night with my flip flop whilst you were watching Dancing With the Stars.

  4. You must be mistaken. I don't watch that show.

  5. Duh Jon. Jessie's too snobby for that show. It was whilst she was watching Reba.

  6. You are also mistaken. Reba reruns are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8-11. Not Mondays. Surprised you didn't know that.