Monday, October 25, 2010

out and about

Busy Saturday! We had planned to go snorkeling off Crook’s Castle but woke up to choppy water and cloudy skies, so we walked to the Botanical Garden instead.

On our way back, we decided to investigate an unmarked intersecting road. Turns out it led to the old English Quarter Plantation ruins (which I’d heard about, but never seen).

(For any history nerds out there)

A total dump, to be honest. The archway is cool but the rest has all been reduced to a couple of crumbled stone walls surrounded by vines and pigs.

That baby chick got eaten, guaranteed.

We took a video of the actual feeding of the fruit leather, but I wimped out at the last moment and just ended up tossing it into the food trough. Therefore the movie is pretty boring and only proves that pigs A) don’t have great eyesight, B) don’t understand the human gesture of pointing, and C) WILL indeed eat plastic wrappers when given the chance.

As we left, the pig reared up on the fence again for a moment and I thought the visual of a huge pig head with the ocean backdrop was hilarious, so I convinced Jon to go back and coax it back up with another fruit leather so I could get a good shot of it. An ill-conceived plan. I did get the photo…

...but then two things happened in quick succession. First, Jon accidentally dropped the fruit leather, which adhered to the poor thing’s back. Second , a disturbed loose pig came squealing after us and we got the eff out of there. It still makes me a little sad to think of that poor hungry pig with food stuck to its back (especially because pigs are supposedly smarter than dogs), but then I remember how close I was to being eaten alive by its baby and I feel a little better about the whole thing.

For Kellie :)

Jon's favorite car on the island.

He pronounces it "Damn-ass" (of course).

Then that evening we went to a school function at the park. (The walk there plus our walk earlier put us over SEVEN MILES for the day. Yay for legs!)

Pearl, Lianna, lizard.

Photo of the week.



  1. And oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Stale peanuts and turkey sticks, am I right?

  2. oh my pigs. sooo cute. love that pic so much!! and what the bird's of paradise?? shweet. the lone donkey pic makes me happy.
    jon & his damas: classic. and that pic of REENA & you!! omg. LOL
    thanks for the pic overload. it made my week!

  3. Hi Jessie! I didn't know this blog existed. Now I have spent the past 45 minutes perusing it, and loving it. Also, we had no idea you guys had moved -- and what an awesome spot on planet earth! Can't wait to read more!

    P.S. the word verification that I am supposed to enter to post this is "dingoro". going to try to use that one in real life. :)