Monday, April 26, 2010

A1A Beachfront Avenue, just kidding just kidding

So the day everyone else left for home, Corinne, Kyle and I headed down to Ft Lauderdale. Ada tagged along, too. Jon had wanted me gone until he finished his finals, and Corinne and Kyle wanted a beach vacation, and their friend's parents have a condo there, so it was the perfect thing.

The place was on A1A, right on the beach. "A1A" meant nothing to me prior to this trip, but apparently Vanilla Ice rapped about it once, so...... everyone who's anyone has heard of it.

Ada's first time seeing the ocean!

It was a little bit stormy our first day there, so we took a roadtrip to the Everglades. I petitioned heavily for an airboat tour but was ultimately vetoed. (Think of the pictures we could have taken! The hair flying! The lips flapping in the wind!)
Instead we spent about thirty minutes at the very first viewing platform we could find, and guess what?? ALLIGATORS! Right there! From the very first second we arrived!

Baby alligator:

So pretty:

An alligator named Gunsie:


On our way back we stopped at this roadside fruit stand for milkshakes. Sooooo goooood. I got mango, but check out the menu - I could have gotten a sapodilla one! What the what!?

Best nap hair ever:

Aaaand, the next day at the beach:

This picture isn't a fair representation, because Corinne was in the sun and I was in the shade, but it's the best one we got:

Kyle flying a kite in the background. I FLEW A KITE! It was my first time. Sort of. I've always thought I've never flown a kite, but then a few years ago my mom dug up a picture of me flying one when I was like two. Does not count.

It's overrrr!


  1. Seems like a swell getaway. Did the baby alligator make the sound?

  2. you hadn't flown a kite? weird. i love that ada's swim suit matches corinne's, and the top tiny bit of yours makes me curious as to what the rest looks like!
    i hate alligators.

  3. I like the pictures in your last post better.

  4. Corinne doesn't post any photos, so I'm looking at yours.

    I love that she & Ada are wearing matching swimsuits.

    And I want to know where yours is from. Although the likelihood of it working with my enlarging abdomen is quite unlikely. A girl can dream.

  5. Kyle: me too.

    Kathryn: Target! I think it's online only. I had it sent in two sizes to Corinne and she brought them to Disney World for me. Living on an island is many things, but 'convenient' isn't one of them.

  6. The matching swimsuit thing was not intentional!

  7. We know one thing for sure, which is that Ada did not plan the matching swimwear. Kyle is an expert beach bum, which makes two things that we know with certainty.