Friday, May 07, 2010

They're heeeeere!

Omg, it's been like a year. With Jon on break, plus the arrival of his brother and family (!!!), we've been off our routine. Here are some pictures to catch you up to speed.

We found this gem on the bulletin board at the airport while waiting for Darcy and Lianna's plane to get in:

Their plane!

Surprise camera attack:

First day at the beach! Pearl trying to pawn her egg salad sandwich off on dad:

Kite flying and other merriment at Zeelandia:

Jon taking Pearl for a walk:

CANNOT look at this picture without laughing:

Sunset at Ft. Oranje:

Jon starts class again on Tuesday. Sometimes I think time here couldn't go any more slowly, then I realize he's starting his THIRD SEMESTER already. Crazy! Anyway, there's a quick update. Sorry it was so long coming.


  1. I'm so glad SOMEONE posted about what's been going on down there. That picture of you and Jon is so cute. I can't get over how dark you are!!! The sun looks good on you!

    Have fun playing with the Pearl.

    3 semesters? Really? Weird.

  2. That will be the only time we wear pants/shoes/socks until we leave I think. - Darcy

  3. Glad they made it, and it'll be nice you all have each other!

  4. That picture of Lianna getting a wave splashed up her butt is hilare. That is Lianna, right?

  5. oh, annie- it was me. and i really don't want to talk about it.

    loved the pics. thanks for picking us up at the airport on-time. it was AWES.

  6. Oh my heck Pearl is so cute!! That's awesome you guys have family there now!

  7. Last picture = HOT! Just sayin'!

    Thanks for the belated birthday wishes.