Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photo Miscellany 2

Some older pictures:

On the hike up the Quill.

Taken the day I saw my first waterspout. I sprinted home for the camera and headed up a hill for a better view. By then it was either gone or just obscured by this huge column of rain.

Sometimes when the sun sets, the ocean turns metallic blue. It's one of my favorite things, but this is the best picture of it I've been able to get. Sorry :-(

This picture is not dedicated to Kelsey. These birds fly over the ocean and make the most horrific noises. Pretty, though.

Local women fishing at Zeelandia. They told us that just the night before there was an 8-foot shark feeding in the shallows. When we asked if it was safe to eat any sort of fish caught off the shore, they replied with an enthusiastic 'yes', followed by a little contemplation, then a list of the fish that will kill you if injested.

I love this picture, but maybe only because I know that he's standing at the highest point of the Crater Rim Trail, only a foot away from a sheer drop into the center of the volcano. That makes his noble pose just that much better, doesn't it? Doesn't it??


  1. It does indeed make it that much better.

  2. Jessie, you are such a doll. Have I told you lately how much I love you?!

    (and send some love to Jon so that he doesn't pout)

  3. Jessie why don't you tell us how much you love roosters in the neighborhood?

  4. What is that owl sketch from? I've seen it before, was it on one of my homemade birthday cards?

  5. love loved the pictures. i plan on looking at them everyday till your next post.