Monday, January 18, 2010


It rained yesterday, all day. At some points it was coming down so hard we couldn’t even see the ocean, which gave me the perfect opportunity stay in bed and attempt to stave off what seemed to be threatening to turn into a full-blown UTI with 2 liters of cranberry juice, 12 hours of sleep, a few episodes of Mad Men, a couple of movies, and a rambling blog post.

Here it comes.

1) A few nights ago as I wandered around the house getting ready for the tri-annual school party celebrating the beginning of a new term, Jon came across something interesting on the local Statia channel. I can’t even really describe it. It seemed to be some sort of 80’s public service announcement declaring the dangers of unprotected sex, set to music. With dancing. And chanting. At one point the entire cast participated in a ditty entitled “Uncontrollable Urges”, but my absolute favorite part must have been when the main character announced to his friends ,“I’ve got all the tools I need riiiiight here” and the camera zoomed in on the crotch of his acid wash jeans. We sat and watched for longer than I care to admit , mouths agape, shaking our heads in bewilderment.

2) This happened.

3) Sometimes, when I’m moments away from sleep, I have the sudden impression that OH MY GOSH I HAVEN’T FED PENNY IN WEEKS. It only takes a millisecond for me to realize that she’s at my parent’s house, happy and loved, but by then it’s too late. My heart is racing and sleep is miles away. Anyway, so JUST IMAGINE my delight when my sister Annie, out of the blue, mentioned to me that she still sometimes has dreams that she forgot to feed the bird she had back in high school. (Annie loves birds. As in, there is a picture floating around my mom’s house of 10 year old Annie wearing a hyacinth macaw t-shirt with Sunny the cockatiel perched on her shoulder. She had a subscription to Bird Fancy and everything. How cute is that??)

4) WE GOT AN ATV. It’s old and corroded, the engine dies when it idles, it’s physically painful to ride, and it might not start tomorrow, but it’s OURS.

It’s a beautiful thing, having transportation.


Edited to add: It didn't start :-(

Also, lately I've been getting tons of spam, so I'm putting captcha word verification up on comments JUST FOR A WEEK OR SO to hopefully deter them. I'm torn up about it, because I srsly hate those things. But I hate the constant spam even more. Kthxbai.


  1. You know what this post needs? More speedo.

  2. Ew, UTI's suck big time. Keep up the cranberry. P.s. I'm pregnant. Having a baby in 5 weeks. Holy Shneesh! Just thought I'd throw that in! K bye.

  3. I've never experienced a UTI before, sounds painful. Hang in there!

    My ideas for your boring days on the Island:

    - pot gardening (veggies and flowers!!)

    - read up on history

    - discover Family search it.

    - take up Yoga, and belly dancing....wink

    - Go geocaching (google it - its super fun)

    - try digital scrapbooking

    - do a hard puzzle.

    I actually went to a Hobby idea website, and here's some weird ideas:

    - Become Catholic, its the best.

    - Take up Bollywood dancing

    - Make a list of hobbies that someone else might like.

    - plug Ipod in your ears

    - rhinestoning??

    - I love colecting rock climbing (I copy and pasted that one...its true!)

    - Ghost hunt/paranormal activites...*shudder*

    Ok my list is over....enjoy. Please don't be bored in paradise!

  4. Birdies are awesome. My captcha word verification for this post is "supably". I'm pretty sure thats a real word.