Wednesday, January 06, 2010

There is no charge for awesomeness

My mom dragged my box of archives up from the basement the other day. There wasn't much (just one box full; The result of a life in the Army that sent us moving across the country every couple of years), but I had a heyday sorting through it all.

The best thing I found was a picture I drew at church of "My Earthly Family" when I was a Sunbeam (the Sunday school group for 3-4 year olds). My teacher filled in my family members' names for me, and THIS is what's written underneath the portrait of my brother:

With 3 mouths and 2 noses -
the whole class wants to meet him!

...Jon and I taught the Sunbeams for over a year in Tucson and suddenly I'm so disappointed that I never thought to send their drawings home with added commentary.


  1. Title of this post= favorite one ever.

  2. I should do that for my sunbeams...I have the *freshly moved up into Sunbeams from Nursery*. hehe, they always say the funniest stuff.