Monday, January 25, 2010

For Annie

No one get overexcited. There are only a few of these on the island, and supposedly they’re owned by Kings Well Hotel. Oftentimes we can see (and hear) them from the beach - always too far away to even consider breaking out the camera. But Saturday we heard them quarreling as we were headed down the hill, and only had to go slightly out of our way to spot them.

Now the rest of the post is for everyone (Sorry Annie, it was short-lived.) It was our first beach day since being back on Statia, and we picked a good one. Sunny, breezy, big waves. My hair will be sprinkling sand for days.

Some other pictures from our Saturday of Fun, aka the walk down to the beach and back again:

Should have kicked that beer bottle out of the way...

Plans for the week: Jon studies for upcoming exams (Monday), Jessie meets 'Snoopy', the tiny dog currently being pet-sat by a friend.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Makes me long for summer since it is snowing here.

  2. i hate birds. don't dedicate a post to me containing birds. just for future reference.
    i love all the other pictures, especially the flowery ones.

  3. I love the "O HAI" on the bird pic, nice touch 8)