Thursday, August 06, 2009

There's always next year!

I'm working on a Canada recap post, but this just happened and I have to write about it. Penny had a haircut today in Idaho Falls, and on our way back my mom stopped in Rexburg at the college for a few minutes. Since we had Penny with us, I took her out of the car and we sat under a shade tree to wait. Meanwhile, EFY students came spilling out of the building across the way, apparently for a break between classes. A group of two girls and two boys cut across the lawn and passed right by us; The girls disintegrated into squeals of delight when they saw Penny and they all came over to give her a pat. Afterwards, as his friends turned away and set off again across the lawn, one of the boys (no older than 14) said to me in a tone of amazement mingled with disappointment, "I didn't know we were allowed to bring dogs!"

So I was all, "Technically we're not supposed to, but my dad made some calls."

Just kiddding, I didn't say that. But I wish I had. :-(


  1. lol that's always awesome when people mistake your for 14, 15, WHAAAT? congrats.

  2. That is so great. My younger sister looks really young and a few weeks ago she was at the BYU with her 2-month old baby walking around among the hordes of EFY students. She made sure to say loudly at every opportunity, "I'm so glad they let me bring my baby to EFY!!"

    My point is, you should have said it.