Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still in Idaho

Lately, we've been:

1) Boating/fishing with our new friends, Dell and Carla. 3 consecutive days. I wore a baseball cap on each of those days. A first for me, hooray!

2) Taking care of my parents' house/property/animals while they're in Rome.

3) Exercising the H out of the dogs so they'll stop being so crazy towards each other.

4) Facilitating inter-species playtime.

(That is an airborn cat)

(This too)




5) Introducing nieces to horses.

6) Fox-watching.

We are now days away from leaving for New York, directly followed by leaving the country for two years, so please don't panic if I don't manage to post between now and WHEN WE'RE ACTUALLY ON THE ISLAND. I'll post as soon as I can once we're set up there. Don't even worry about it.


  1. Hey...nice action shots. Did you get a new camera or something?

  2. how did i miss this post? hm. love the fishing pics. if you get time (which you probably won't), could you e-mail some of the ones you took of nors that night? thanks.

  3. deep down, i hate you a little because of how hot you look in the fishing picture.

  4. i know for a fact you're not in IDAHO anymore. blog asap please. please. please.