Monday, August 17, 2009

puppy love

Jon's brother Darcy and his wife Lianna stayed a night at my parent's house on their way up to Canada a couple of weeks ago to split their 12+ hour trip from Boise into two days. Penny could not have been more thrilled about it.

Pearl was tolerant enough, though she didn't appreciate the frequent face-washings.

In this one, Penny is clearly telling Lianna, "Thank you for bringing me this tiny human".

At one point, after Pearl had been put down for the night, Penny took advantage of the partially-cracked door and disappeared into the darkness of the spare bedroom. It took a full minute of me whisper-screaming her name from the hallway before she came slinking out, disappointed.

Ps- This picture of Jon and Pearl makes me happy.

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  1. first to comment. this is a first. first. anyway, loved the pics. love penny's tongue sticking out like 4 inches and pearl's scrunched face. lol thanks
    ps penny invited us for the weekend and we will most likely take her up on it.