Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Idaho Trip Part 3

Out of order, but this is me napping in Annie's backyard because Penny's deafening cough kept us up all night long for several nights in a row. On our drive up, kid you not, every time she felt a fit coming on she'd stand up and point forward, positioning her head directly in line with our ears, and "BAH!!! BAH!!!! BAH!!!! BAH!!!!! BAH!!!!! BAH!!!! BAH!!!!! BAH!!!! *hack*" 

Corinne's kids were excited to see her. I had warned them beforehand that she had a cough, but the moment I opened the bathroom door and she started up, they both hastily retreated with disturbed looks on their faces.

Mesa Falls

Yikesy salt and pepper holders at the Frostop on our way back from the falls.

Good root beer floats though.

On our last evening at my parents' place, this double rainbow appeared over their horse pasture. Gorgeous.

Ma 'n Charlie, apres bath.

We made a detour to The Farm on our way back to Heber (where we spent a night to shorten the next day's drive). Scenery overload:

Jon, testing the wheat for quality (?)

Yes, we all three wore bright orange, somehow. We walked into the kitchen that morning, gazed around at each other, and collectively shrugged.

Hummingbirds! Annie heaven.

Meeting Kelsey's latest, Charlie! They made a boy!!

Picking raspberries. NOMG.

Hazel meeting Penny.

Jon's other sister, Caylee, had given Kelsey the surprise of her life by flying in from freaking CANADA and just strolling through the front door of the farmhouse a couple of days before we got there, so it was awesome to see not one but TWO sisters-in-law that day!

Leaving the farm. I know this picture is huge, I did it on purpose because I love it.

More naps

"Lucky you; that's as demonstrative as Dash ever gets!" --Annie

Cuz I did her hair

Penny crawled into my lap as we drove through a little thunderstorm. Little did she know what was to come....

It was as scary as it looks. Close-range lightning, torrential downpour, and we barely avoided a rock slide on the road.

Other things that happened, unpictured:

  • Tony's Tacos in Heber (x2)
  • Scones at the Hub in Heber (x2)
  • NOT eating at the Hickory in Rexburg, even though I've been looking forward to it for a year (literally. I think of it at least once a week. That was the ONE WEEK A YEAR they're closed for cleaning!!!!) This was how we ended up eating gas station barbecue instead (see Part 1)
  • Ada pretending like she couldn't tell me and Corinne apart cuz she thinks we look alike. "I don't even know which one of you is my mommy!"
  • My mom asking us to clean up after dinner, then her coming back a half hour later and saying "You guys are off to a good start!" .....We thought we were done :(

Runner up for best moment of the trip: We went to see Planet of the Apes with Annie and Steve in Heber (their first viewing, our second) and stocked up on contraband at Walgreens beforehand. SIX boxes of candy plus drinks; a veritable feast. But after we bought our tickets, the lady goes, "Okay, now I need to check the ladies' purses."

We recovered slightly, both began muttering words, and drifted out the door to return our contraband to the car.

And the winner of best moment of the trip: Christa told us the most spectacular story. Her aunt and uncle were watching her parents' dog Taffy (Kathy??) while they were out of town. After about a day, Judy texted to see how they were getting along. The response: "Great! Taffy's sitting on Bob's lap as we speak" then, a minute later, "He keeps chewing his penis, is that okay?" Judy, horrified!!!, wrote back "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and immediately showed Christa's sister Brittany the exchange.

Brittany assured her that Val meant Taffy kept chewing his own penis, not Bob's.

It's over!


  1. Second worst moment of my life, at that movie theater. And Penny's cough was more like: "BAH! BAH! BAH! BAH! hack HACK! Licklicklicklick.

    1. HOW could I forget the licklicklicklicklick?? I suppressed the memory I suppose.

  2. Part three was my favorite part. But I did get a little teary seeing the pic of you with Christa's baby, that was so sweet! Thanks for stopping here, the girls still talk about having a puppy by our back door! Lol.