Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Idaho Trip Part 2

Charlie! Five minutes after he hopped down off of me, Jon texted me this next picture:

^I spy a sneaky, long puppy^

Annie, Joseph, Jon

Selfie gone wrong.

Weenies 'n s'mores roast

Ada had a cell phone in-hand and was posing and snapping pictures of Corinne. "Now do this..."

At the zoo. Please zoom in and note Ada in the background.

Shooting with Jon and my dad. I don't want to talk about my shotgun skill level, but I showed no mercy on those clay pigeons with the .22. Somehow I shot the middle out of this while the rest remained perfectly intact?

Weird circumstances led to my dad and Jon bathing Joseph with hand soap in the mud sink (?).

Annie and ma!

Jon and The General out doing some sort of repair in the pasture

Gorgeous countryside

Per tradition, we drove to Driggs for lunch. Corinne spotted a good view on the way back and asked my mom to pull over so she could hike up this hill and snap a picture.

It was a cloudy day and the peak of Grand Teton was obscured, but still made for amazing scenery.

Headed from the water park to get snow cones. Totally unprompted. My little heart melted.

Hot tubbin'

My favorite picture of the trip? Ada waiting to go boating with Jon and The General. Corinne thought they were more ready than they were to leave and sent Ada outside to wait. So she did, and very patiently. She stood like this, holding her banana, staring into space, for four straight minutes while Corinne and I looked on from inside, laughing, before my mom sprinted out to keep her company.

While Ada was boating, we rode horses.

Corinne texted Jon to see how Ada was. Jon replied with this photo, captioned "Cool as hell."

One more post and done.


  1. That boat shot turned out pretty nice.

  2. I still can't believe how fast you jumped on that horse once you realized he was already halfway up. Also, I love how we are both posing like supermodels in that pic with Joseph on the horse. Let's not forget who the real stars of the show are, people. And how is this the first time I've heard of Ada standing outside with a banana???