Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Idaho Trip Part 1

Two weeks ago was our annual summer trip to Idaho! We drove all the way to Annie's house in Heber City, Utah from Chandler (12 hours) after I'd worked half a day on Thursday, so we got in pretty late. That didn't stop me from a morning visit with Owen, Christa's brand new baby (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), the next day in American Fork, though.

This first picture was what it looked like when she told me she was pregnant, when she told me she was in labor, when her sister told me he'd been born, when I saw the first picture of him, when she announced his name, when I met him (pictured), and a week later when I saw this photo. I'm typically not an emotional person (I think this might have been the only time Christa has ever seen me cry?), but this baby has done me in. Love him. Love her.

Lunch at SLAB pizza in Provo

Strolling with Annie to feed her friend's chickens and collect (multi-colored!!!) eggs.

View on the way.

Jon was there. Funny story: Annie had warned us that one of the black chickens is evil. She went in and aggressively rid the hutch of all chickens before inviting me in to hunt for eggs. I kept hearing a chickeny sound but it took a good 20 seconds to realize it was coming from inside the hutch and another 10 to locate it -- the mean black chicken was perched up high in the shadows, 3 feet directly over my head, watching us. I screamed.

Owen was blessed that Sunday so we swung by Christa's chapel on our way up to Idaho. Jon was sweet and stayed in the parking lot with Penny (who was suffering a horrific, window-pane-rattling cough that was RUINING OUR LIVES) so that Annie and I could attend Sacrament meeting. Partway through, Christa passed Owen down the row to me and I got to hold him for most of the meeting. Highlight of the trip.

HIS LITTLE HAND ON MY ARM!!!! I forced Annie to capture the moment.

The drive to Idaho. I sat in the back seat with the little invalid. This was her position for most of the trip: Clinging fiercely to my body, head wrapped around my shoulder. She likely had kennel cough which is really contagious between dogs, so she lived the trip quarantined in Annie's laundry room and my parents' bathroom.

Jon playing with Ada and Joseph right after we arrived in Idaho

Frolicking. Please note their nearly identical outfits.

Inventing games. Ada "reviving" Jon by honking his nose.

Sandbar!! Love this picture of all the kids (plus Jon) waiting dutifully in line for the slide.

Me and Manny

So proud of this shot. One more, for fun:

Joseph, the Slowest Slider

With PopPop

Compare to two years ago

Flock of pelicans

Ada was ready for round 2 after she warmed up a bit

The sisters Sweet

Headed to the cheap theater to see Edge of Tomorrow (2nd viewing for all parties. Fun flick.)

Classy gas station lunch. Corinne even hired a sitter!

I honestly did not think I'd taken so many pictures. At least one more post to come...

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