Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whaves of Wheat

We recently spent two nights on a beautiful grain farm somewhere west of Malad, Idaho. Jon's sister's father-in-law owns the operation, so she and her husband Jake spend their summers out there helping with planting and harvest and all those other wheatfarmy things.

This wasn't our first time visiting, but it had been years and we were definitely overdue. Gorgeous, gorgeous country.

Jon and our niece Norah on the most expansive and well-manicured lawn you'll ever see.

This is about half of it (that's our tent in the far left-hand corner).
The portion with the raspberry bushes YES RASPBERRY BUSHES, and they were in season when we were there. Kelsey made us fresh raspberry cream pie and the sounds I produced while consuming it were borderline obscene.

Jon and I off-roaded all over the countryside one afternoon. (See the dust devil?)

Choke cherries

The hill that almost ended our marriage. Jon thought the Ranger could make it up, and I knew otherwise. I was right. At one point, I thought we were surely going to die. I got it all on a video that will never be posted on account of me sounding really, really annoying when I'm scared.

Scanning for wildlife (there was none, unless a million dive-bombing grasshoppers count)

Second-favorite shot of the day

First-favorite shot of the day


The 100+ year old farmhouse.

If you look closely, you can see a hummingbird feeder. As if the trip could have been any better, HUMMINGBIRDS. Tons of them. You can imagine how many pictures and videos I took as a result. They, obviously, deserve a separate post; stay tuned.


  1. RazzJerries, so hot right now.

  2. great pictures. I need a new camera. Also, the Ranger can totally make it up that hill. . . in AWD. Lol.

  3. K, your pics are AWESOME!! LOVE THEM!! Esp, your fave shots, of course, and the plastic owl {j/k}. Looks like so much fun!!

  4. I'm sure "borderline obscene" was an understatement.