Thursday, August 01, 2013

Idaho Summer Photo Dump

This guy was, for real, SLEEPING like this in the Phoenix airport - his upper teeth resting on his luggage handle.

Annie's new dog, Dash! Naming things is my one true joy in life, and I'm particularly proud of this one. IT'S A GREYHOUND NAMED DASH.

They're a happy family.

Sometimes you assume Dash is sleeping, but then you look over and see this.

The drive up to St. Anthony from Heber. Goooorrrrrrge.

My mom got this wedding invitation in the mail and bellowed, "SON OF CRAGG" in a caveman voice.

Ada "walking" Dash.

They got along great, after Gunner's initial and completely unexpected freakout. My dad thinks he "must have thought Dash was a lion or something slinking out of the car." Related: My dad was defending Gunner after Corinne said he was dumb, and my mom interjected that Gunner thinks the ducks come out of the gun. He stares at the barrel and when it's been too long between shots, he nudges it. We all ROFLed.

This mark on the inside of a bathroom stall in Pizza Pie Cafe looks like Dash. (I was clever and SILENCED my phone before taking a picture in a bathroom stall, thank you very much.)

Puppies!!!!! At my dad's friend's house. Never mind the afterbirth, they were a day old.
Photo by Corinne. ZOMG.

Joseph in Pop Pop's boots.

At the Tautphus Zoo in Idaho Falls. Ada wore (and used) those binocs all day. It was more adorable than you can even imagine.

Ada wanted to be an egg and me to be the mother bird. I was more than happy to oblige.

Not even halfway done. More later!


  1. The picture of Ada with the dogs is AMAZING. She is beautiful!

  2. I loved it all, as usual. The pic with Ada and the puppies - to die for. I can't get over how much I love it, and you know i don't like animals. Little girls and puppies, though? CUTE.


  3. I chuckled for at least half an hour over "SON OF CRAGG." Thanks for sharing.

  4. I didn't even know you took that pic of Dash in the car, lol. That was so funny when Ada asked you to sit on her. I think we should go in together to buy that painting. I'll bet you anything its still there.