Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I haz a husband

Jonny J, rocking the side part

On Friday night, Jon arrived home after seven weeks in Dallas. Just a few days after we moved to Phoenix, he left for a medical licensing exam review course and I've been all alone this whole time. You didn't know he was gone, because I don't know you're not a murderous psychopath. Now he's back, and I'm not lonesome anymore, and the world is lovely. We leave tomorrow for our trip to Utah for Thanksgiving/my birthday, so between that and our reunion I had a lot to look forward to these past couple weeks.

Speaking of, last night he took me to dinner at a fancy fondue place as an early birthday celebration, and I don't want to brag, but,

Swiss cheese fondue, Mediterranean crepe (with scallops, leeks, and saffron sauce), pear crepe. My taste buds were overjoyed. I love birthdays.

We'll be gone until at least Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving!!