Thursday, November 10, 2011

Has this ever happened to anyone else? No? Just me?

Last night, I ripped off a bandaid and it TOOK MY SKIN WITH IT.  Just like the time my gay friend in high school, Paul, waxed his eyebrows whilst on Accutane. Luckily, the bandaid was on the back of my arm, so the risk of me sporting a unibrow scab like his for the next three weeks is greatly reduced. But still! This goes against everything I know! Bandaids are not dangerous! And I honestly don't know how it happened. My arm was definitely clean and dry when I placed the bandage, as per the instructions on the box, and it's not like I wore it for three months. They were Equate brand, so I suppose that's what I get for shopping at Walmart. NO ONE BUY EQUATE BANDAIDS.

Go no further if the thought of a photo of skin clinging to a bandaid makes you want to die.

The night of the incident.

The morning after.

The next day.

Consider yourselves warned.


  1. Your foot looks so creepy/cute in that last picture.

  2. What the...?!

    I knew there was a reason I was a BandAid snob...

  3. Weird, I've used Equate brand band aids and never, ever had that problem. I'll be super nervous about using them in the future now, though!

  4. LOL. . . so hard right now over Jon's comment. I was about to say, "Ouch."

  5. Wow. That's way worse than I envisioned it.