Saturday, November 05, 2011

Guess I'll update my blog...

Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I've been neglecting. Please admire my new blog design, and by "blog design" I mean header. I also changed the color of my links as well. And drew a turkey!!!!!! Definitely worth checking out, for those of you who never stray outside of Google Reader.

I've clearly had a lot of time on my hands. Really the only thing breaking up the monotony are job interviews and trips to the dog park. And the occasional toe cramp.

Since several of the jobs I've interviewed for have a creative element to them, I decided a while ago to up my Photoshop skills. I've always made my own headers and buttons and stuff (not like they're anything fancy) and I had enough of a grasp of how the program works to mention 'basic Photoshop' on my resume. I figured that it couldn't hurt to put all this extra time towards improving a marketable skill. Right? Right??

And with that I bring you some of my recent creations. These are all original designs.  Please hold your applause until the very end.

This is my first attempt at a turkey. You'll notice that I gave up partway through and drew it by hand instead. (They get better, I promise.)

This little ghost was on my sidebar for the couple of weeks leading up to Halloween, but I can't imagine why that should prevent me from posting it again.

An idea that began on a birthday card to my sister Annie six years ago is now perfected.

This one I created for my Sunday School class. MY SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS!! I haven't mentioned on my blog yet that I got called to teach 14-15 year old SUNDAY SCHOOL! This is what I  get for not going to seminary and for brooding through church classes when I was a teenager. (So far I've only taught one class and it went really really well, not like you asked.) Depending on whether or not it costs more than fifty cents to print this on cardstock, I'll either hand these out to the class next week or put it on the Sunday School blog that I created that I'm not sure yet is allowed. 

One of my favorite scripture references. I had my Sunday School class in mind again when I made this one.

Okay. And I saved my two favorites for last. I couldn't decide which I love more, so I put them in order of how long they took to make.

This first one I originally made in lavenders and greys for my future nursery, but when I showed it to Corinne she requested I make another to match her nursery, and I ended up loving it even more than the first. The reference is a lullaby my mom used to sing to us that I'll be singing to my own kids some day.

Aaaaaaand the most time-consuming of all. It must have taken me three (or four...) hours, but I love love LOVE it.

Yes, I'm going to make you scroll [EDITED TO ADD] and NO, I'm not pregnant. 

If you want any of the printables, let me know and I'll email you the file. Clearly I have the time.


  1. And does this mean you're preggers? I hope so!

  2. Oh, gosh, no! Sorry to mislead/disappoint.

  3. You could totally sell the candy corn and baby carriage. Kyle agreed. He actually said "those are as good as what our graphic designers come up with at work". So there you go.

  4. Hm. Reminds me of the time I momentarily put my hand on my stomach at church (because I had a stomach ache) and it wasn't 30 seconds before someone rushed up and asked if I was pregnant.

  5. I love all of them. But then, I'm your mom and according to you, my compliments don't count.

  6. Same here I love them all. Headless turkey included.

  7. I bet that one's your favorite.