Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Time for another round!

Just playing around with my buggy design. Everything's better with a French translation.

Sailboat! A little bit proud of this one.

Pinwheel! Took forever.

Sorry for the duplicate background. Grey stripes go with everything.


I made that background myself! Well, I made all these backgrounds myself, but this one was the trickiest.

And last but best, my crowning achievement. I didn't think it could be done. I was defeated so many times, but my sister rallied me. Thank you, Annie, for not letting me give up on myself.

Before I reveal it, I'd just like to repeat that I am NOT pregnant. This is in no way an announcement.


Here we go.


  1. I need that llama. Make it happen. Really cool.

  2. I am so disappointed. i was really hoping you were pregnant with a fuzzy llama baby.

    PS. You should consider going in to greeting cards. For real.

  3. LLAMA!!! You're going to give birth to a llama!

  4. love the grey stripes. and the baby carriage, and the snail. and the rest.