Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo Op

Like I said here and here, and I should have said here, I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, nor did my husband ever buy me a D-SLR which so many people seem to think automatically qualifies them to charge their friends money for photos. HOWEVER; I do love to take pictures, and my point-and-shoot is capable of taking in-focus photos, and I have Photoshop. So. Sometimes I'm given the chance to take pictures, and I do not charge money for them because having A) an interest, B) a camera that is capable of taking in-focus pictures, and C) Photoshop, does not make anyone a professional. Regardless of how many damask backdrops are hanging in their basement.

That being said! My sister-in-law Kelsey asked me to snap some pictures of her family, and I happily obliged.

Scarlett was done there at the end, hence the sippy cup. Better than a screaming baby, right?  Too bad that was the best photo of the day. 

Things I learned from photographing two kids at once:
1) Bring Jon to entertain them. He's an expert.
2) Go to your favorite location first. Kids have a surprisingly low tolerance for the fine art of photography.
3) Bribe with a treat other than gum. I thought we could promise Norah a stick after the photoshoot, but then she fell off a picnic table and started making demands through her tears. 
4) Three year olds are no good at chewing gum discreetly.

(Still, things turned out much better than that time Corinne asked me to take pictures of THEIR family........)


  1. Omg these are so good. You should totally go pro.

  2. ya you should totally start your own business and charge at least $100 MORE than everyone else because your so experienced. and you should also use a super unique name. liiiiike jessie jensen photography or something

  3. Oh the gum! Next time I'm going for colored shirts; between the girls and my hair I'm not sure if we could be much brighter in those black and white ones! Good times. Love the sippy cup. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  4. Great pictures .. very professionally taken. I'm hoping to get some family photos done soon and i hope i can get the same quality and i'm paying my photographer a pretty penny.

  5. These are super cute. Breann - ouch.