Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Time to get caught up on a few pictures from before the journey.


So this was so weird. Jon and I were on our way back to Idaho after a trip to Canada and I just happened to glance up in time to see what I thought was a giant elk. I only saw it for a split second and thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but we pulled over at the next exit and BEHOLD!

Click to enlarge. The thing was massive. And really far away. 

Omg, we've made it to the saga of the abandoned calf.

 On the day of abandonment, looking for a new mama.

Me petting it. 

Long story short, this little guy was deserted by his herd right behind my parents' house and it took three days and four phone calls to the farmer before he decided to intervene. Also, there was a point where the calf gave up on life and laid down for 30 hours, and a point when Jon carried it across a stream to get it closer to its family, and also a point when the calf tried to rejoin the herd and they all stomped on him, and also a couple of points when I cried (some of those events overlap). Saddest thing ever. But he's okay now. Well, he's either okay, or he's veal. One or the other.


  1. Remember when Newly bit that little newly born calf in the face? That was quite pleasant. It's a real name for a horse in a movie or something.

  2. THAT DID NOT happen!! Jon carried it?? OH MY GOSH! LOL So sad, but hilarious at the same time.