Tuesday, September 06, 2011


The remainder of the pictures from our trip to Canada:

One of my favorite views of the drive up. Little lonesome tree.

Plateau near Great Falls, MT

This is a thing.

Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park

I have NEVER seen the lake so calm. Last time I was there, it looked like the ocean.

Jon skipping rocks.

Us at Cameron Lake. Technically that mountain in the background is in Montana.

Jon looking for fish.

Bear!!!! It was like a mile away, hence the graininess of this photo. Had to use my digital zoom.

Love this photo Jon snapped on our way out of the park.

Odd that I didn't take more pictures of the rest of our visit to Canada, but there you have it.

In conclusion, BEWARE the plastic utensils at the Big Scoop ice cream shop in Waterton!! The sides and bottoms of the "clean spoon" containers were completely coated in layers of gummy ice cream remnants - the result of thousands of misplaced, used taster spoons. Instant convulsions. AND THEN when I told the girl at the cash register, emphasizing the "hundred years' worth of ice cream residue" on the insides of the containers, she clearly didn't get it. Just sort of laughed about how people sometimes put used spoons in there, and didn't seem to think it was gross at all.  Gag gag gaggy gag gag.

PS - LOVE the new Blogger interface! Especially the options for uploading and resizing photos (hint: just click on the picture in the editor and it gives you lots of options).

PSS - We're moving in a week!



  1. Great, great, GREAT pictures!! Are those manpris?? Love them.
    YAY FOR MOVING!!!! :)

  2. Sort of like manpris. The closest thing to manpris I could get him to buy.

  3. i'm confused. where DO you live? you're in canada, you're in idaho, you're in montana, you're in utah, you're in washington, you're in oregon, you're in the caribbean...

    and now you're moving. SO, where do you hang your hat?