Friday, August 05, 2011

Typical photo dump

First is a photo of my sister Annie and I eating frozen yogurt after watching Harry Potter for the second time. It's a really cute picture, taken because the bowls the yogurt came in were Hello Kitty themed and so freaking adorable.

[insert photo here]

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to post the picture, because Annie thought her arm placement made her head look small (?).

Penny, looking more than a little wall-eyed.

Foal! Annie's a horse trainer (dressage, specifically) and the barn she works at in Heber, UT just had this new arrival.

Being a frisky little foal.

Jumping on mom (sorry for the blur. The iPhone camera can only do so much).

We were there for a show. Annie rode twice that weekend and achieved an award she's been working toward for her entire career. YAY, MANNY! (that picture is not her, btw)

On the way back to Idaho.

Ada getting a taste of the country life.... 4 wheeling with PopPop and Gunner.

We went to the Rexburg Dance Festival parade and the entire thing got rained out. A crazy squall whipped up and partway through performers were running down the street for shelter from the lightning. We didn't even get so much as a run-by polka. So lame. Everyone knows the first rule of polka is to NEVER break character. (Also, you'd be amazed at how fast a sluggardly crowd can disperse when faced with a microburst. Those scooters for the morbidly obese can really fly.) Anyway, the picture above was before the storm had completely moved in. There was a smattering of raindrops and gusty winds. The performer was guarding her violin from the moisture when this man ran out from the crowd to hold an umbrella over her head. Sweetest thing ever.

Jon and I found shelter under a narrow ledge and got really friendly with the other people who had the same idea.

Then yesterday we went to Yellowstone!

Throwing a fit.

Buffalo. There were lots more, and closer to the road, but I only ended up with videos of those ones. I also took a video of the stupidest people on earth standing outside of their car with their 8 year old daughter 5 yards from one, but I don't feel like it's worth posting because no one got gored. At the beginning of the video I say, "These people are about to die" and at the end my mom yells at the lady, "He could kill you! Get in your car!" but the buffalo just saunters past and goes on his merry way. Borrring.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel, where my parents first met 36 summers ago.

The registration desk where it all began. My mom was a hotel clerk and my dad was a guest. No one is more disappointed in this blurry photo than me.

Lake Yellowstone

Tree, Ada (on a leash!!!)

Old Faithful

Ada in a coonskin cap

This little one is two TODAY. She doesn't really say anything super useful yet like "yes" or "no" or "food", but she can say "taxi" and " 'stache", so.


  1. STACHE! HA!!!

    What did Annie win??? I'm super curious (and also sending super congratulatory vibes her way)!

    p.s. Another captcha win. This one says "folses." That makes me think of a word Gollum would use to describe the upper photos.

  2. A bronze medal, which means she's received 60+ points on two dressage tests in first, second, and third level throughout her career. In short, she's brilliant.

  3. That is awesome, how exciting! I'm so happy for her! And let Corinne know that I consider Ada a fashion icon. Her outfits are rockin!

    Also, how often do you wear hats? I hope the answer is "often."

  4. Oh, Happy BIRTHDAY, tiny Ada. She is a doll.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the first jellystone pic. OH MY GOSH. It needs to be in NatGeo asap.
    The pic of Ada with the coon hat on makes me LAUGH- 'cause it almost looks like it's over her entire face . . LOL

  5. You should post the video of the buffalo walking by our car.