Sunday, April 24, 2011

Statia: the Final Days (part 3)

On our last Friday night, Lianna threw Jon an awesome Survivor-themed surprise birthday/going-away party. It was supposed to be a surprise for me, too. Oops.

Definitely deserved the DOUBLE thumbs up.

Lianna's cake was way fancier than the one I made the next day.

All the kids were threatened with their lives if they tried to blow out any of the candles.

Jon teaching his mom how to snorkel.

Love this candid Jon snapped, especially Pearl laying on the table.

Birthday lunch (and dessert) at Blue Bead restaurant.

Ocean, boat, moon at Botanical Gardens.

Botanical Gardens again (Quill in the background)


Looking through Jon's binocs. She thought it was the best thing ever. Also, when do kids learn how to wink? Just wondering because my sister and I missed that milestone.

Mr. Tumnus? Is that you?

And what a view it is!

Our neighbor Christopher cracking open one last coconut for us the night before we left.

We snorkeled our two last days, which ended up being two of the best snorkel days of our entire 20 months on Statia. The first day we saw a ray, a turtle, our first octopus, and a moray eel. And on the last day we swam with TWO sea turtles, as they swam with each other.

And that’s it for Statia. Next up, our mini-vacation on St Maarten. (tangent - I called my sister Annie in the Miami airport and told her “it felt so good to land on America”. She laughed at me.)

Stay tuned.


  1. Correction: You said "It feels good to be on America". I loled.

  2. I believe it was I who said, "It sure feels nice to be in America." But where is the picture of the octopus?

    your pics were aWESOMe!!!!