Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun with screen capture

This is not a post about the many reasons why I'm a PC person over a Mac person, even though that IS the case, and the reasons are numerous. This is a post about one of two features I prefer on a Mac - their awesome option for screen capture.

On a PC, the best way I ever figured out (and that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best way, period) was to hit the printscreen button, open some sort of photo program, paste the picture in there, then trim it down to the area I originally wanted. But on a Mac, you press Command+Shift+4, then you can essentially take a snapshot of whatever part of the screen you want. The best part is that the resulting image goes straight to your desktop.

As a result, I've accumulated a few screen captures that are polluting said desktop, so I figured I'd throw them on the old blog so I can delete them.

First, an old Facebook conversation I came across the other day:

And a message I sent to Annie, lover of birds:

Next, the prompts that popped up during a recent Google search (the edits are mine, of course):

Here's an old one - the top Yahoo headline the day after Petraeus took over:

(Maybe that one requires a grammar/usage lesson. "Myriad of" is wrong, 100% of the time. "Myriad" should replace a phrase like, "a thousand" or "a million". For example, if you're saying, "There are a million reasons to spell your child's name correctly", you would replace "a million" with the word "myriad." NOT "a myriad of" - JUST "myriad". There are myriad reasons to spell your child's name correctly.)

And on the topic of grammar and usage, something I came across on a blog:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......wrong on all accounts.


  1. This is almost as good as your "texts out of context" series. Keep it up!

  2. Who knew that typing "why does" into google could be so much fun? Two of the prompts that showed up for me, first try: "Why does poop float?" and "why does my dog eat poop?"

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  4. Why does everyone hate nickelback

    No lie. That just came up. Oh, no. I'm crying.