Saturday, April 23, 2011

Statia: the Final Days (part 2)

Jon graduated! Again! And not for the last time!

Great background.

The fam

Blurry picture of Jon about to receive his fake diploma (the real one is in the mail). A little premature on the shutter button, Jessie.

Left to right – Island Governor Berkel (Jon, of course, said “’ello, Guv-nuh” when he shook hands with him), school provost Dr. Nassar, Jonny J, school president Dr. Wizneski, local doctor Sharda Baboe.

Receiving Statia ambassadorship from the Governor

With two of his favorite professors, the Alexanders.

So proud. kthxbai.

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  1. is that doctor garner's SNOWCONE sticking out in several of your pictures???
    "guv-nah" WHO DOES THAT????