Friday, March 25, 2011

This and that

Photo catch-up! You should have been expecting this.

View of St Kitts from Whitewall. I bummed a ride from Lianna's parents when they were in town. Such a pretty view, but way too far to walk.

Sailboat, Whitewall

Crazy green puffer fish! I think! Blow it up to see the horns above his eyes.

Awesome guy in a Speedo diving down to peer under the ruins.

Path to the Honen Dalim synagogue historical site.

An ancient "mikveh" - part of a bathing ritual for Jewish women. This is the only complete mikveh ever unearthed in the New World, or so my historical walking tour guidebook tells me.

The twelve windows on the bottom represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

Some form of tiny egg. Gecko?

The old property adjacent to the synagogue is bordered by this high wall with embedded broken glass bottles. Statia in the 1700s was not a very safe place.

Macaw! It nearly took my head off on it's way to that rooftop.

Creepy stalker photo! My friend Rebecca wrangling her kids after a day at the beach. Taken from Fort Oranje.

...More soon.


  1. Beautiful pictures Jessie. Especially the last one. You should give a copy to Rebecca.

  2. I meant the second to last one. Oops.

  3. That is sweet that you got to see that mikveh! We talked about those rituals in my New Testament class. I love that you are taking full advantage of learning all the history while you are there.

    Gorgeous shot with the sail boat!