Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photo Miscellany

Sunset at Fort Oranje

Pearl at Fort Oranje

Church! This is where we meet. Don't miss the peeing boy statue in back. And I still can't believe how many chairs there are. For our entire first year here it was only us and two other adults. Now we have enough members (and priesthood presence) that we recently were formed into a "group" (not quite a branch).

The member's house where we meet is attached to this beautiful property. This is the view we see during Sacrament meeting and Sunday School. It's kind of distracting.

Coral-covered rock. Sort of creeps me out if I look at it for too long (taken underwater).

Jon and our friend Eric, walking along Crook's Castle.

Sunset at Crook's

Prettiest cow ever!

Tiniest cow ever! Umbilical cord and all.

Hazel's! Love their new sign, and their delicious local organic vine-ripened tomatoes. For $2 a pound. I'd go every day if it weren't for the six-mile trek involved. (the drink is an 'Old Jamaican' brand ginger beer. If you've never had ginger beer, you haven't lived)

Jon, at the school beach party. He caused quite the commotion when he undressed and walked to the water. One fellow student approached him in venerated wonder and said, "I want to be just like you when I grow up".

Sunset at the beach party. I will miss these for sure.

The blog is now up to date! For now!


  1. like James Bond or somethingApril 1, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    I was just curious as to where you got such a great photo of me?

  2. 1. That Sacrament-meeting-view isn't real. I'm on to you...you tried to sneak a painting in the mix to see if anyone would notice.

    2. Ginger beer is one of the things I really miss from England! Here's hoping we can track some down in Utah.