Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the ones that got away

Ruins by the beach

Scary mastiff at our neighbor's house.

Darcy's birthday

That goat on the road is the biggest goat ever! It's srsly the size of a pony.

Typical Statian stairs-goat

Egrets roosting

Crazy bird! We saw one of these for the first time down at Crook's Castle when we didn't have a camera on us, then a few days later there was one in our YARD. Pretty sure this is a huge discovery.

I think this is a moth, because it's resting with its wings open. Butterflies rest with them closed. I didn't make that up, did I?

Cheesiest, most forced grin ever.

Spouse club! Finally there is a group of us - a far cry from my nine months of isolation.

SLUG. In my HOUSE. SLUG in my house. SLUG. IN. MY HOUSE.


BLAH! Blogger is driving me crazy. Sorry for the terrible formatting.


  1. I think the moth/butterfly thing is the opposite, moths rest with wings closed, but I could also be making that up. Where is an entomologist when you need one?

    Love the pic of pearl up on her tip toes to hug her friend!

  2. Well now I'm curious, too, so I used The Google.

  3. Yesss, I thrive on validation. Though this led to a very confused Jon, because "moth wings don't work the same as butterfly's and moth wings ARE closed when they rest". I guess maybe a better way to describe would be whether the wings are parallel to the surface, or perpendicular?

    Aaaand I'm done thinking about it.

  4. Why do you need validation so badly? Nevermind, I just figured it out going through my genetics notes. Caterpillar wings on the other hand...

  5. Her name is Pearl seriously? I have a grandma named Pearl...

  6. I have a grandma named Mayzleigh. Just kidding, I don't.