Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day of Birth

I was born in the 40th week after Valentine's Day, 1985. When 14-year-old me figured that math out and approached my mom with my findings, she answered, "Yep, that sounds about right". Corinne then had a mild freak-out along the lines of, "EWWwwwWWwww YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHEN YOU WERE CONCEIVED!!!"

Anyway, the point is this: Yesterday was my birthday! I love birthdays and have never been the type to get all bittersweet about them. It feels great to be 25.

Lianna, Pearl, and I met our friend Justine at the beach to start the day out in style. It was the most gorgeous day EVERRR.

The sand is making a comeback!

Ridiculously expensive drinks at Old Gin House

Jon and I had plans to go to dinner but he kept being vague about where or when. Turns out it was because he'd planned a SURPRISE KARAOKE PARTY for me! I got the best husband - sorry everyone else.

So excited they can't even contain themselves.

Sure would have done something different with my hair if I'd known half the school would be there. Clearly I had no idea about the surprise. At least Jon talked me into wearing something sort of nice.

Tandy and me performing "I Can Show You the World". The woman in the chair on lead vocals is the owner of the restaurant. She's a sweet, sweet lady who dearly loves her moment to shine in karaoke. She brings to mind that scene in The Wedding Singer - "You'd better get back in there...they're starting to turn on George". Someone finally wrested the mic from her.

Photo of the night. Note Tandy, holding a mic but singing into Jon's.

Thanks, everyone who made it happen!! And to everyone who showed up (even the guys that just stood along the wall). Best birthday karaoke party ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Jessie!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. loved the pics. esp the ones of me. lol
    the party was a lot of fun!! i LOVE that last pic- it cracks me up!!! look at jon's face!!!!

  3. So glad you have lots of people who love you. And don't you get sick of all the gorgeous days? Seems so monotonous and horrible and boring and lame and dumb.

  4. Right, cuz you could be enjoying -14 degrees like it is at your Mom's house right now. I'm glad you got a party since you didn't get any presents yet!

  5. pearl looks really surprised. apparently she wasn't the only one.