Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jon, ftw!

Pearl fell asleep in the backpack on our walk down to the beach the other day.

Lianna and I thought it was HILARIOUS, until she woke up and screamed for an hour. No more trips to the beach when Pearl hasn't had her afternoon nap. Now we know :)

(mean aunt)

Jon won the photo contest!! I take a thousand pictures a day and didn't even place, and he gets first with one of the five pictures he's ever taken here.

We had to go down to the phone company for him to get his prize and have his picture taken. And as it turned out, there WERE actual prizes!! He's now the proud new owner of a Blackberry Curve (anyone in the market for a Blackberry Curve?)


  1. THat really is a sweet picture he took!! Congrats!

  2. Jake said he'll take the Blackberry. . . and sell it.

  3. pearl. omg LOL. those are hilarious pictures of her!!!!

    and i'm soo excited for JON!! that rocks!! and the pic is AWESOME!!

    can i borrow the phone? just so i can walk around with rap playing on it full-blast????? thanks.