Wednesday, September 30, 2009

so hot right now

The other night we went on a walk along Crooks Castle, a rocky beach on the southwestern side of Statia, hoping to find a blue bead. Some people live here for years and never find a single one, but others have no trouble at all. We didn't succeed, but it was a beautiful night and Jon had just received a new haircut, so I forced him out into the ocean to go sit on a rock for a picture.

Will you admire that hair? A work of art. No one short of amazing could have given a haircut that awesome.


  1. great haircut, even more amazing pictures. i love that he listened to you and ventured out onto the rock, what a good husband. lol.

  2. awesome photos!! yeah! love the last one the most. i need to be there yesterday. enjoyed the AXES comment on the previous post. you're a good person.