Monday, September 21, 2009

The Shake Shack is so far away

I’m going to tell you something. At the end of our first week here, I broke down crying as the direct result of a TGIFriday’s commercial (I wanted that burger so bad) and the fact that there was an unknown animal living in my kitchen (we’ve since discovered that it’s the World’s Largest Gecko). It’s a different life and I’m still getting used to the way things are. I fight a constant battle with beach sand in my shower. I wash my clothes, my dishes, and my body in rainwater that’s collected off my roof. But you know what? I’ve decided that I love it. It took some adjusting, and I still feel like I’m far outside of my comfort zone, but I really love it.

I had a breakthrough moment the other day. We were sitting together in our living room while Jon watched the game. Through our Taj Mahal curtains I could see the laundry out on the line, swaying in the breeze. I had bread rising in the kitchen. And I was so happy and grateful that I wanted to cry.

Granted, I wasn’t feeling so pleased when I realized that the bread actually DIDN’T rise. It ranked up there with the greatest disappointments of my life, right along with when my mom explained to 10-year-old me that Jesus wasn’t a Mormon. But I figured out what went wrong (two tablespoons is a lot more yeast than you’d think) and I’m trying again today. I might even take a picture, if it turns out alright.

We’ll see about it.


  1. I actually remember that, when mom was trying to explain that "Jesus was a Jew". WHAT????!

  2. Serious life changing moment for me , too.

  3. is this your living room??? i love it. i need to see more. too bad about the creature in the kitchen. . . and the bread. i hope today's turned out great!

  4. I remember being in Bermuda and having to shower with the rainwater. We were limitd to our amount of shower time, and it was cold, but it was fun! I'm glad you are enjoying it. OH, and get this, I was going through some stuff the other day and pulled out Josh's snorkel and mask and fins and in it was a tons of sand and shells from Bermuda, will never get rid of the sand!!